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The highest-quality assisted living you’ll find anywhere in Grand Junction, Colorado

THE TRUE MEANING OF Faith-Based Service...

If you aren’t sure what “Faith-Based Service” means and why it’s so important to us, just walk into Grand Villa and you will quickly understand what it means to our team and our residents. A selfless and service-first attitude – that is what defines our core. It is this belief that bonds our team and lets our residents and their families know that their needs come before everything else.

Assisted living at Grand Villa in Grand Junction, Colorado, features:

  • A bright, sun-soaked, intimate environment that balances privacy with enriching activities
  • A long-established history of around-the-clock care in a safe and inviting atmosphere
  • Affordable assisted living community invested in its residents
  • A stimulating lifestyle with new friendships and a full social calendar
  • Highly-trained team of caregivers offering compassionate care

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We’re also part of the family of Bethesda Senior Living Communities, a non-profit, mission-driven company based here in Colorado. Bethesda Senior Living Communities operates 16 communities in six states. Since 1959, it’s been our mission to serve seniors by enriching their physical, emotional and spiritual health through a nurturing lifestyle.

If you’re looking for assisted living in Grand Junction, Colorado discover a selfless level of care that’s beyond compare.
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